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Many years ago, my investment mentor told me: If you have to bet your fortune on a politician’s rational decision, don’t. Remember, always short sell the politicians. 

I had my doubts, reasonably. And now, after witnessing the entire fiscal cliff talk and do, I think he was so right. It is naive to believe otherwise.

Remember there was a time, probably in early Nov 2012, after the presidential election, when almost everybody was pledging that we WILL NOT go over the cliff? And now with D-day minus 6, without a fiscal deal agreement, it is almost 90% that we are going over the cliff. 

Right. Always short-sell a politician. Why Naked Short? Because you don’t want to own a politician in the first place. They are bad assets, they are liabilities and they need to be sold instead of bought.

Among the politician groups, there are two types: the group that is pretentious and lame, the group that don’t bother to lie their intentions. Naturally, the  Dems are the former and the GOP are the latter. 

Many Dems, while they are super rich, while a few more taxes does not kill their business since they are either legacies or Hollywood super stars, they ask for everybody to pay more taxes. Right, like everybody making more than 250K a year or 400K a year made their money through some scam or crime, that they deserved to be screwed and support those who never paid a dime to tax revenue but receiving all the benefits through these man years. 

George Cloony or Warren Buffett or Nancy Pelosi, do you know how hard it is for a middle-class (defined someone making around 300-500K in New York or San Francisco, 100 - 300K in other places) to struggle in such economy? I guess you don’t. Prove me wrong. 

All Dems are doing is to cut the road from middle class to rich, both through mentality by demonizing rich or through legislation by screwing rich or the path to rich with taxes and laws. 

GOP on the other hand, don’t bother to lie. They tell you in the face that we are rich and we are capitalists, we want to squeeze profits from you and you can join us too if you work hard enough and lucky enough. They are no Saints. They won’t give their hard-earned money to you for free. But I appreciate that if they can have a business-friendly opportunity (or rather profit-friendly environment) to make sure you have a possibility to be there. Frankly, I like this better, therefore I am leaning right. 

The Cliff is approaching. Buckle your seat belt. Lock in your capital gains, lock your income gains and lock your doors in case there are looters. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody. Buckle your seat belt and cliff diving here we come. 

It is CHRISTMAS! We took Mack to have a BIG haircut and grooming! Before the haircut he was a wild wolf fighting his food and after that he becomes a tiny toy begging your care. 

Mack has had a tough year of 2012. In May he ate some bones which resulted a major intestine bleeding and almost died. We spent over 8000 USD using two surgeries and 2 weeks of intensive care to bring him back. 

He can see the beautiful sunshine of the Christmas this year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mack. God bless you. God bless our family. God bless all families with a kind heart full of love. 

Today we do not argue about politics. We only remain silent and give our prayers to those angels who returned to heaven too early, too short of a journey in our world. 

May they rest in peace. 

Today we do not argue about politics. We only remain silent and give our prayers to those angels who returned to heaven too early, too short of a journey in our world. 

May they rest in peace. 

Violent Mob Destroys AFP Tent in Lansing, Michigan Protest (by Stranahan)

Michigan today had one of the biggest victories against Unions : Passing the right-to-work law.

What does it mean? You will no longer be required to pay Union dues from your paycheck when you work for a company. This is a small step for mankind, a big step in killing Unions. 

Always awesome, knowledgable and logical opinions

-Guns kills people, Let’s ban guns; But marijuana is hard to control, let’s legalize it.

-We need freedom on female body; But no our kids don’t have freedom to eat calories higher than xxx

-Let’s tax the rich to make up the gap; But I want to hire a lawyer to save my tax filings

-Big oil companies got 2 billion subsidy a year, But I don’t care that 90 billions spent on alternative energies (that failed mostly)

-Big corporations are blood-sucking vampires; But I need them to fund my presidential inauguration

-I hate the 1%; But I will be a Republican when I am in the 1%

-Condi is a liar; But criticizing Susan is racism.  

List goes on.

And on. 

One common trick mainstream media is doing almost everyday recently is to phrase the title about anything related to fiscal cliff like this “Republicans are willing to let US go over fiscal cliff” or something like “if Republicans insist their opposition, the negotiation will fail”, “Republican is not willing to let the president’s proposal to pass to avoid fiscal cliff”

Right, like the only role Republicans need to do is to obey and budge. Wrong. Dead wrong.

Remember, just because someone opens their mouth to throw the weight to the counterpart, does not give him/her the right to be the “right side”.

Just because I put up a plan and send to you for passing of the plan and you oppose it, does not mean that my plan is a good plan, agree?

Democracy’s biggest strength, is that no one can push through their own agenda over everybody freely. They will always face opposition and challenges. Otherwise you are Mursi.

It is opposition’s responsibility to challenge the incumbent’s proposals and to keep things in check always. And just remember this is a negotiation, on equal ground.


Walmart Shoppers fight over bargain smartphones in Black Friday retail frenzy 2012 ‘Video’ (by wiseuppeopletv)

Smart Phone + Stupid People + Crazy Discount = disaster. 

Question #1:

What is wrong with this country???

Question #2:

Which phone is that??